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Vertax Accountants

Vertax Accountants are a rapidly growing company providing accounting services to a range of businesses in the UK. Their success in building their company posed a few challenges with regards to keeping their website up to date and able to cope with the increased demand. Vertax uses our managed WordPress hosting so they can focus on their business and not updating the website.

During 2020 as businesses moved more towards online meetings and remote working, we were able to help them move seamlessly to office 365 in response to their changing needs.

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Pretty Mamma

Pretty Mama is an online E-commerce site specializing in, feminine maternity wear, and breastfeeding-friendly hoddies. As with any business, uptime is important to their success. Peters Web works alongside Pretty Mamma to ensure their site stays online, so they can take orders 24/7, even when their products go viral. Making sure they are fully supported even on weekends and evenings. Peters web also helped scale their site to meet the demands of being on dragons den.

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Voices of the Tyne Children North East

The FAB group, of Children North East, is for young people with disabilities and meets weekly on Zoom to socialise and have fun. The group also acts as a voice for other disabled young people in Newcastle, sharing their views with decision-makers about accessibility issues and sitting on interview panels.

In January 2021, they did a project called Voices of the Tyne, they asked Peters Web to support them in the creation of a website. Using our managed hosting we supported the group to create a website and bring their ideas to life. With big interviews with singers from the northeast, a high-speed cloud with uptime is important for them.

Voices of the Tyne Children Northeast

Walbottle Village Institute

Walbottle Village Institute is a community-run building in Walbottle village. As a small charity, they have a lot to manage, Peters Web help them manage their IT needs. We not only manage their Website but we take an active role in the running of the hall often attending meetings, in order to keep the website up to date, especially important during lockdowns with changing guidance and keeping the information correct.

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Walbottle Village Tenants and Residents’ Association

As Walbottle Village Tenants and Residents’ Association grew and took on more projects it became apparent that we needed to re visit the website and how it was managed. A Lot of traffic was going to one email address which placed an undue burden on the chairpersons.

Peters web was asked to review and redesign the website and generate some new email addresses. The emails can now be directed to the person to whom it is intended. I have also facilitated tutorials for the officers on how they can add items and edit the content of the website. This has enabled them to share the work and get news to the residents of the village in a quicker and more efficient way.

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