Altering Permissions for files in CPanel When it comes to a website you can think of it in the same way as you would think of a store -... Editing your PHP settings You can configure settings for PHP through cPanel, this is important as it controls the size of... Forcing the use of SSL Its very important to use SSL within your website as it guarantees a much greater level of... How to add a sub-domain in Cpanel When developing your website you may want to add 'sub-domains' within the original domain of your... How to conduct a virus scan using Virus Scanner via cPanel Here at Petersweb, we strongly recommend that you carry out a virus scan regularly when hosting... How to login to cPanel and WHM You will be required to log into cPanel regularly to make changes to your website, cPanel is the... Information on Litespeed Here at Peters Web HQ we recently made the change from using Apache web server technology to... Setting up email accounts Setting up email accounts on your website is fairly straightforward, we have... Settting up SSL certificates SSL certificates should be issued automatically. If for any reason an SSL certificate isn't... Understanding Statistics within cPanel At Peters Web we limit the number of resources that can be used by each account, we feel that by... Upgrading packages at Peters Web As your website grows you may need to upgrade your package with us here at Peters Web.... What is Leech Protection? Security is a vital element to consider when you have an online presence, as the internet becomes...
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