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Often when we are travelling around we see a lot of small businesses saying “contact [email protected]”, in another article, we have already discussed how companies can avoid the corporate curse. The admin for these email addresses is very generic and does not convey any personality and in some regard, makes you feel like a very cold business. Here are my top tips for making your email user friendly but also professional at the same time.

1: [email protected] – This immediately feels a lot more inviting, yet it is still a generic email so you are not giving away your name. This can be a great friendly option for a contact email.

2: [email protected] – Now I am not saying that this one should be plastered over the side of your van however, this may also work. This format works particularly well on business cards because you are saving what little space you have on business cards you have by having both your name and email address in one.

3: [email protected] – Yes, this one is still very generic and maybe my least favourite however, I like to use this one on contact forms, not necessarily on the side of your van. By having a separate email for different contact points you are able to track which methods are working the most effectively for your business. 

Your email address is often the first contact that people see so by having the right email address it sets the tone for your business style and the correct email address may help attract customers to your website.

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