How to set up a Catch all email account

When you own a website or domain its imperative that you have an inbox that collects all of the incoming mail to that address. An example of this would be if you have an email address for your company such as '[email protected]', someone sending an email to your company enters '[email protected]' instead. Usually this email would be deleted as it hasn't reached the correct address (information rather than info in this example). If you have a catch all email address in place this email would be automatically routed to the main inbox of the company.  This catch all email can be set to a particular person or address in the company.

To set up a catch all email address follow the steps below:

1) Login to your Cpanel  
2) Under emails click 'default address'
3) Click 'Forward to Email Address'
4) Enter a address you have access to.

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