5 ways to reduce the size of your website.....

Storage, the never ending problem! No matter how much we think we have, its never quite enough is it? We simply retain more and more bits and pieces, until we no longer have anywhere to put them! Later on we realise that a lot of the things we have kept, we have no real use for, they were simply taking up space that could have been used for the things that we really need.

Your website is no different. When you purchase hosting, you only have a certain amount of free space in which to operate your site and to store all of the essential components needed to run the site effectively. This space can be quickly swallowed up by emails etc, especially if you have an influx of spam mail to your website's inbox. I have made a short list below of a few things you can do to keep on top of your storage issues: -

  • If you need to save an email then save it to your computer and do not store it online
  • If you make a backup of your website, download the backup onto your computer in case you cant get on your website. It is vital you save your backup on another device or memory stick as it is not always viable to save a backup on the device you are working from.
  • Add email filters to reduce spam (See our guides here
  • Optimise your database tables on a regular basis (See our guide here)
  • Optimise your images by compressing them (Using this tool), you can also shrink your code - most caching plugins offer this (see our caching guide here)

The list above is by no means exhaustive, its simply there to help you think of ways in which to maximise space. The space you save can be put to much better use enhancing your brilliant website!

For more information on this article or if we can be of any help with any of the issues mentioned in the article please contact us at Peters Web using a support ticket (open a ticket) to our hosting department.

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