10 unforgettable foolproof ways to build up valuable back links....... You have a great website, you have fabulous content......if only someone could find you!  Back... 5 fantastic reasons why you need to be a social media whizz in 2021! In the current digital age it is becoming more and more essential to have a strong social media... 5 magical ways in which Back Links can help your website flourish.... Everyone is familiar with the statements "it takes two to tango" or "if you scratch my back ill... 5 ridiculously easy ways to keep your content fresh and exciting! When running a website its vital to keep your content up to date, fresh and exciting to pull in... 5 simple ways in which a small business can avoid the corporate curse.... Here at Peters Web we consider ourselves to be a small business, we have no intention of growing... 5 top reasons a website is a MUST have in 2021! In the last 15 years the number of websites has grown exponentially. The internet has become the... 5 unexpected ways in which (s)low website performance can hit your income Lets say you're waiting for a bus one day, the bus takes forever to arrive. So what do you do?... 5 ways to reduce the size of your website..... Storage, the never ending problem! No matter how much we think we have, its never quite enough is... Are you ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? looks like we've arrived at that time of year again! Everybody loves a bargain don't... Dipping your toes into the deep world of web hosting.... Reading over our collection of Knowledgebase articles we were struck by a thought. It's all well... Getting visitors but no sales? You're still winning........ More often than not, I hear fellow website owners remark that they feel that their own websites... How to make your email address more appealing Often when we are browsing, we see a lot of small businesses saying “contact... Information about Cloudflare What is Cloudflare?   Cloudflare is a large network that connects many servers throughout the... Information on SSL In the world of the world wide web, it is extremely important to protect our information. We need... Opening a support ticket (hosting department) At Peters Web we pride ourselves on the service we provide to our clients, we want to be there... Organise your emails with ease..... What is that huge, never-ending, bottomless corner of the internet that must be checked every day... Setting up on a domain service with us here at Peters Web Setting up a new domain registration with us here at Peters Web, couldn't be more easy, here are... Super simple ways to drive more visitors to your brilliant website! What drives people to your site? Read on....... Is it chance? Or fate perhaps? Yes, of course... What is Caching? Caching (pronounced 'cashing'), is a temporary storage area for downloaded files. This storage... What is FTP? FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a system that allows the transfer of files from your PC to a... What is Google Analytics? 'Hello.... is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me, is there anyone home?' sang a... What is Latency? Latency, is a networking term, used to describe the time taken by data to move from one node, to... What is a Cookie? A cookie can be explained in a couple of ways. Those being, a delicious snack, or an essential... What is a protocol? In general terms a 'protocol', can relate to a set of procedures, or rules, that are followed by... What is a robots.txt file? When creating your website, you will need to communicate certain information to search engines.... What is bandwidth? In short 'bandwidth' refers to the amount of data that can be transferred across a pathway, in a... What is cloud hosting, how does it benefit your website? Originally, before the cloud, a website would have been hosted on a single server, in a single... What is my IP? Just like the address of your place of work, or your home, all devices that are connected to the... What is the difference between a Static file and a Dynamic file? When we talk about a webpage, it is easy to assume that the webpage in question is made up on one... What makes us great here at Peters Web? We were inspired to write this article following a chance discussion we had with a friend of ours... Why a .com domain isn't always the best choice...... In the early days of the internet everywhere you turned there seemed to be a '.com' website... Why do you need a site map?'s rush hour and you are racing to work, your car has broken down and for your sins you... Why isn't my password being stored on Google? If you have logged onto Google in the past, it is likely that Google (or Google Chrome), has... Why should I use Google Search Console? When you are looking for something on the internet where is the first place that you head to? Its...
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