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5 ways to reduce the size of your website..... Storage, the never ending problem! No matter how much we think we have, its never quite enough is... Altering Permissions for files in CPanel When it comes to a website you can think of it in the same way as you would think of a store -... Are you ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? looks like we've arrived at that time of year again! Everybody loves a bargain don't... cPanel Documentation We try to cover most basic topics within our Knowledgebase section, each article is intended as... Editing your PHP settings You can configure settings for PHP through cPanel, this is important as it controls the size of... How to add a sub-domain in Cpanel When developing your website you may want to add 'sub-domains' within the original domain of your... How to conduct a virus scan using Virus Scanner via cPanel Here at Petersweb, we strongly recommend that you carry out a virus scan regularly when hosting... How to Disable Directory Listing in cPanel Preventing directory listings is very simple and pretty useful. Its useful when, for example, you... How to login to cPanel and WHM You will be required to log into cPanel regularly to make changes to your website, cPanel is the... How to set up a Catch all email account When you own a website or domain its imperative that you have an inbox that collects all of the... How to view dot files A dot file is a file that is rarely accessed, these files often contain configurations for your... Information on Litespeed Here at Peters Web HQ we recently made the change from using Apache web server technology to... Information on SSL In the world of the world wide web, it is extremely important to protect our information. We need... Optimising your databases As you are editing databases they end up a bit like Swiss cheese, full of holes! Every now and... Setting up email accounts Setting up email accounts on your website is fairly straightforward, we have... Setting up Wordpress in 10 easy steps The following article is a brief guide on how to install the software 'WordPress'.  WordPress is... Settting up SSL certificates SSL certificates should be issued automatically. If for any reason an SSL certificate isn't... So you've done a great thing and ordered a service from us.....what happens now?   * PLEASE NOTE YOUR ORDER NUMBER ONCE YOU HAVE MADE YOUR PURCHASE WITH US AT PETERS WEB*... Understanding Statistics within cPanel At Peters Web we limit the number of resources that can be used by each account, we feel that by... What is 'hot linking'? There are many ways in which resources can be tied up on your website, usually you would think... What is a cron job and how to set one up We all have 'those' jobs we have to do every now and again (washing the car, tidying the house... What PHP version is best to use? Most software that your website runs will need to use PHP to interact with databases and create...
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