Quick tips

Link up

Link your site to your Social media accounts, people may follow you on them to see how active you are. People also look at how many likes you have to see if you are well known for what you do.

Save space

Save space on your hosting by deleting emails, or save them to your pc.

Up-time counts

Look for a web-host with over 99% up-time people need to be able to access your site when it suites them. If your site is down they will go else where.

Map it

Make sure you have a sitemap.xml on your site so search engines can find all your content.

Catch all email

Never miss an email to your domain, set up a catch all email see our guide here

Update content

Great your site is up. Now keep adding new content other wise people will see out of date content that, may sill be good but the site is not being updated.

Use Wordpress

Wordpress is a great tool to help get started with your site, it is soo quick and easy to start a site that looks great.

Content first

Write your content first then style it as 'over styling' may loose your message as people get distracted.

Write naturally

Write your content in a natural way so it is easy to read. Also Google detects keyword 'stuffing'

Make updates easy

Have a well organised site and files, to make updates easy.


Did you know google ranks sites with SSSL higher in searches.

Right domain

Buy a domain that suits your site, '.com' is not always the best for every site.

Let us know your tips