10 unforgettable foolproof ways to build up valuable back links……

You have a great website, you have fabulous content……if only someone could find you! 

Backlinks are an extremely important tool when it comes to raising the profile of your website and attracting new visitors to your content, I have written about backlinks in a little more detail here. For now here are 10 quick tips to help you build up some backlinks: –

So read on and in one minute from now you will be a back link pro…

  1.  Write great content for your website – So what do I mean by ‘great’? Keep it interesting, educational and engaging! Make your content so irresistible that you have people queuing to backlink to your site.
  2.  Get in touch with websites who offer content on a similar subject matter and produce content for them – Offer to write a guest post that will interest their readers and ask them if they’d like to reciprocate. Make sure they have a trustworthy website though or you may be penalised in terms of ranking!
  3.  Have your own unique views and opinions – Don’t be afraid to speak your mind or be contrary. As long as you can back up your views and opinions…then why not!
  4.  Be active on social media – Identify the platforms most relevant to your business and customer base then get active! Be consistent with your content and engage your audience with your posts.
  5.  Connect with your audience on a personal level – Statistics show us that personalisation increases sales by over 8%!
  6.  Join a forum, get heavily involved within the community – Joining up to forums is a great way to show off your expertise and shows a willingness to share information and help out others.
  7.  Link to other website’s content through your website – Link up to content on other websites, however, ensure that the content you choose to link up to is relevant to your website. 
  8.  Contact sources outside of your website such as journalists (suggest interviews and create links around these) – Why not sign up to HARO and get notifications every time a journalist requests information from someone with your expertise.
  9.  Build internal links throughout your website – We tend to think that linking up with other websites is all that matters. Make sure to link internally to other posts and content on your website that provide information that compliments the original link.
  10.  Write testimonials for other websites you are using – Have you found an online tool or platform that would benefit your readers? Share it with them and make sure to offer a link to their services (make sure you share these on social media too!)

What not to do……!

The key rule of thumb when approaching back links is to avoid becoming a ‘pest’ in your pursuit of a back link. Don’t spam other websites to gain attention in the hope of a link, or blatantly try to do unwanted favours for other websites with the transparent intention of gaining a back link from them. If you are going to reach out to a website make sure they do something similar to yourself (For example, it wouldn’t make sense for a carpentry firm to link with a dog grooming website??) and accept that not everyone will want to link to you, no matter how great your content is!

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