Understanding Statistics within cPanel

At Peters Web we limit the number of resources that can be used by each account, we feel that by better understanding what each of these parameters are and how they operate you can get the best out of your hosting experience.

We have provided some short definitions for each parameter below: –

  • Disk Space Usage – How much data is currently being stored on the server from your personal account
  • File Usage – How many files you have uploaded to your account
  • Monthly Bandwidth – How much data has been transferred on your account (NOTE this is purposefully set to a very high limit that you will unlikely breach in the day to day running of your website)
  • Add on Domains – A record of your current used/add on domains
  • Aliases – How many domains you currently have installed on your website (these can be pointing to your main domain)
  • Email Accounts – The number of email accounts that are currently in use
  • FTP Accounts – The number of FTP accounts that are currently in use
  • SQL Databases – The number of MySQL databases that are currently in use
  • MySQL Disk Space – Amount of space occupied by your current MySQL databases
  • CPU – Processing Power needed by your current account
  • I/O – The number of bits per second (maximum amount of data that can be transferred between the server and a current user)
  • IOPS – Input/output operations per second (performance measurement used on the hard-drive)
  • Entry Processes – How many PHP Processes occur when people visit your website, this is often falsely confused with how many people can visit your website at any one time (this can be better thought as how many tasks can be completed by your website at once!)
  • Physical Memory Usage – How much server memory (RAM) that is currently available to you (your website)

If you should have any issues or have any questions regarding this topic please contact us via a support ticket (open a ticket) with our hosting department and we will get back to you as soon as possible…..

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