Super simple ways to drive more visitors to your brilliant website!

What drives people to your site? Read on…….

Is it chance? Or fate perhaps? Yes, of course the visitors to your site were always going to arrive at your door and it was just a matter of time right?! Joking aside, you can take actions that influence the amount of traffic that gets directed to your own site by following some of these practices.

Major search engines, ‘rank’ your site based on a variety of factors (somewhat of a black art!). Below are a few factors that you can easily take control of. With any luck, those visitors pouring into your site in no time –

How mobile friendly your site is – With so many smartphones around and so many people on the move, its a given, that most of your visitors will be accessing the internet from a mobile device. According to data published by Statista in 2018, just over 52% of web pages were accessed by a mobile device. With this in mind, it is essential that your website is as mobile friendly as possible. This generally means, that it is as easy on the eye and easy to use, on a phone, as it is on a PC or laptop!

How quickly your site loads up – Patience is a virtue. With so many of us on the go, with so little time, we crave an instant fix. The undertaking of accessing a website is no different. A great way to boost your load up speed, is to look into using a content distribution network, such as Cloudflare. This ensures that vital information relating to your site, is routed to a viewer via the quickest path.

Linking Up – your website will undoubtedly consist of more than one page (homepage, contacts, shop…etc). For this reason, consideration must be given, to how well these various pages link together within your site. You could think of this as your site being a department store and the different pages being different isles dedicated to different categories of goods. Not many of us want to wander around a big store aimlessly, hoping to spot what we are looking for by chance. We want to be guided and clearly directed to the areas where our desired items are!

It pays to keep your website as simple as possible. Keeping all of your areas distinct and as clearly marked as possible is essential. If someone can move around your site easily, the chances are, a search engine can too. Therefor, you will be rewarded with a higher ranking in the given search engine. Higher rankings translate to more visitors to your site, and that is the goal!

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