5 ridiculously easy ways to keep your content fresh and exciting!

When running a website it’s vital to keep your content up to date, fresh and exciting to pull in your viewers! A site that contains outdated information can appear to an audience to be neglected and may give off the impression that the website is no longer in action. Below are my top 5 favourite tips on how to keep your website bang up to date: –

1) Have a social media (Facebook & Twitter in particular) present on your website: – A live feed will enable you to fetch a stream of up to date real-time content to your website, this will generate an ambience of ‘life’ to your website and bring you much closer to your audience

2) Have a blog attached to your website: – In similar methodology, an up to date blogging platform will connect you to your audience and allow you to impart your own unique blend of knowledge and content onto your followers (and hopefully they will also impart some of theirs!)

3) Setup and run a forum: – A forum will invite feedback and contribution from your audience and will keep a constant flow of fresh content moving through your website. At the same time, your audience are actually participating in creating up to date, real time content for you!

4) Run a daily feature on your website (this could be a fact or thought for the day and could tie in with real time world events): – A daily feature will keep you on top of your content on a day to day basis, you will naturally get into a routine of constantly updating your content without noticing. If you want to do this another, less active way, there are plenty of plug ins you can use that will automatically update your content for you!

5) Update your old content: – This is a bit of an obvious one, but it can be easily overlooked. Time flies, and sometimes its easy to  forget to keep your older content up to date and fresh. An article can be easily ‘brought up to date’ by changing the title of an original article to something fresh and updating information such as dates and times. Obviously this will not work for some articles, as the information will only pertain to a given time or event. However, many articles can be given a fresh spin – the most difficult part is to keep an eye on your content and spot when content needs freshening up!

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