Altering Permissions for files in CPanel

When it comes to a website you can think of it in the same way as you would think of a store – you have the front of the store where potential customers can enter and take a look around (and if you are lucky enough buy and leave with a lot of your stock!) and the back of the store.  In a real-life store, you would usually keep all of your stock and any processes that you didn’t want customers to see hidden in the back  – away from prying eyes. If you had everything out in the open at best it would look untidy, messy and unprofessional to genuine visitors to your store and at worst a malicious visitor could damage or steal whatever was on show…..

Back to websites……a website is no different, you want a visitor to your website to see exactly what you want them to see, everything neat and tidy and in its right place. In terms of how this would compare to the analogy of the shop would be your coding and internal processes would be hidden in the back and your attractive content and information relating to your website right up front on display for visitors. So how do you control what is visible upfront? Or control who has access to certain files and information on your site? You do this by altering ‘permissions‘ for the files which you want to control access, I have set out some steps below to follow should you wish to change permissions on a file: – 

  1.  Log into CPanel
  2. Go into your file manager (This is normally the very first icon when logging in)
  3. After this step, you need to locate the file you would like to change the permissions on.
  4. Right click on your desired file and then either use the tick boxes to choose your permissions or you can type your chosen numbers in.
  5. After this step you then click on change permissions.
  6. After all of these steps your chosen permissions should be enabled.

I hope the steps below are straightforward and that they have aided you in making the relevant changes to your file permissions, as always should you have any difficulties please contact us via a support ticket (open a ticket)  to our hosting department and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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