When/Why you need managed WordPress hosting.

Starting a business can be a daunting process and it is particularly easy to become overwhelmed. From managing accounts to the implementation of both physical and online marketing strategies, the workload for a solo entrepreneur or fledgling team can be all-consuming. Top consultants advise businesses to learn to focus on their key strengths early, and outsource elements of the development process. Here at Peters web we can make your web management and development much easier by covering this administration for you, allowing you to focus on what you, as a business, do best. Petersweb are adaptable to offer you the level of support that your business requires. We can be as ‘hands on’ or ‘hands off’ as you require. Whether that means uploading content on your behalf or leaving this to you, we are flexible in our support methodology.  

With Petersweb you get a monthly website report including information such as administration changes made throughout the month and a general overview of your website activity. This gives you an at a glance insight into your website management on a monthly basis for your peace of mind. 

Many of our customers have benefited from our technical support and expert advice when they have encountered difficulties constructing a new website for their business. Petersweb has already assisted a multitude of young businesses in their growth to success by helping them with the construction of a functional website. For a personable, one to one experience we believe there is no better choice than Petersweb.  

Although some of our customer have has the technical ‘knowhow’ to manage a website independently, some of our prior and existing customers have fallen victim to cyber-attacks. With Petersweb overseeing your incoming traffic we promise to safeguard your website from potential Ddos attacks. This is done in two ways, the first is achieved by actively monitoring each website under the management of Petersweb and identifying speed rates. If a website is being affected by a Ddos attack this is identified early and mitigated before your customers are affected. The second approach is by utilizing our combined database that tracks malicious IP’s. Hence, reoccurring malicious IP’s will be blocked from your domain. Try to think of our website management as a kind of insurance, a safer website allows for peace of mind. 

We encourage you to take a look at our variety of products and services, our book in for a casual chat regarding your business needs! 

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