What is FTP?

FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a system that allows the transfer of files from your PC to a server. This is an essential step when transferring data onto your website and for carrying out general maintenance on your pages. To use FTP, you must use an FTP client (a popular example of an FTP client is Filezilla). This acts an interface, allowing the movement of files to and from the PC, to the server. 

FTP uses separate control and data connections, between the client and the server, and usually requires a username and password to gain access. Once connected, the client can then manage file transfers through a ‘portal’ system. Once the client has completed a given task, this portal can then be closed by signing out of the FTP client (Filezilla). Another way of looking at the function of an FTP, would be if you decided to move an item of furniture from your home to a storage depot. FTP would function as the ‘removal van’ and the ‘furniture’ could be seen as the data that is to be transferred!

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