What is Modsecurity?

Here at Peters Web we do our utmost to ensure that all of our clients are protected from online threats. I felt it was important to write a short article on each of the security features that come with all of our hosting packages. In this article I will explain a little bit about ‘Modsecurity’ and how it works to protect you…..

Modsecurity  is a WAF (Web Application Firewall), meaning that the application lies between your site and your visitors. A good way to think of a firewall is to think of your website as your property and the firewall would be security guards at the gate deciding who and what can gain entry to your website. Modsecurity is a great application as we at Peters Web found that we could write our own rules to manage the firewall to our own specifications, as with all applications a great degree of flexibility is always desirable! I must mention that these rules can only be set at server level and that individuals using the application lower down would only be able to toggle the application on or off.  Another very valuable feature of Modsecurity is that it runs as a ‘real-time’ application, this hugely beneficial as any threat can be dealt with as soon as it occurs. When it comes to you, our client, this means we can keep an eye on your website and be constantly alerted to any intrusions, we will deal with any issues straight away and will notify you to any suspicious activity as soon as possible. 

Modsecurity operates using 4 guiding principles – FlexibilityPassivenessPredictability and Quality over Quantity.  These 4 principles ensure that we have full control over how Modsecurity operates within the context of our server. We are always looking at ways to better tune Modsecurity to guarantee maximum safety to our clients. 

Note: – If you are writing your own application you can disable Modsecurity (its wise to do this as Modsecurity can give off some false positive results when you are developing your application), however please get in touch should you wish to go down this avenue so that we can ensure that your website remains safe whilst you make the required changes.

If you should have any issues or have any questions regarding this topic please contact us via a support ticket (open a ticket) with our hosting department and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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