What is a Cookie?

A cookie can be explained in a couple of ways. Those being, a delicious snack, or an essential piece of website content, which is required to run your website and the many others, within the world wide web. Within this article, shall be discussing the later, less appetising, of the two definitions.

A cookie, is a small file that a website stores on your PC, to recall data regarding the user. This data could include items such as the recent pages, and other sites you have visited. As cookies are built up, it becomes much easier for your browser to load internet pages and websites which you visit often. Cookies are of great importance to consumer websites, as they can store information about clients. For instance, when you have a PayPal account, you will notice how all of your information seems to appear instantaneously when you come to use it to make an online order. This information has been registered by cookies, when you have setup your initial account.  Also, you may notice that when you visit a website, the adverts that are on the website seem to target your interests. Cookies have stored information on your interests and what sites you are likely to visit. The cookies relay that information and adverts that are related to your interests, are displayed on the website you are viewing (yes quite creepy!). 

In short, the World Wide Web relies heavily on cookies, in the day to day running of the internet!

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