Why should I use Google Search Console?

When you are looking for something on the internet where is the first place that you head to? Its usually to a search engine….and 9 times out of 10 its Google right? Google is the worlds leading search engine with over 40,000 searches taking place every second (head to this link if you wish to see a visualisation of google searches as they take place – yes the numbers are insane!).  So how does Google prioritise your website over others during a search? There are many factors Google ‘looks’ at when deciding how to prioritise a website during a search……

Firstly its worth mentioning the importance of a good sitemap, Google will place a website in a higher ranking if it sees a site that has an up to date sitemap that clearly marks out the outline of that site and shows that its easily navigable (see our article here for more information about sitemaps).  A good sitemap will help Google with the indexing of your site, which leads us onto……

Clarity,  when considering indexing Google will look at a website and see how clearly it is written, how closely the information within the website relates to the particular Google search and how useful the content of the website is. In short to make a website rank higher in a Google search it needs to be clear, cohesive and display up to dateinformation that is relevant to the user of the website. Overall the aim is to give a potential visitor to your site a good experience! I think this statement is valid as it makes you think of what would make you, as a user, enjoy a given website? Is it the content of the website? How easy it is to get around on the website? There are many other factors a website visitor would consider when thinking of why they would visit a certain site of others but this gives you an idea of what you can do to your website to prioritise it in a web search….

In terms of Google Search Console (GSC) it has many beneficial uses for a website developer helping you to keep an eye on where you are ranking within Google at any given time, through to elements to help you optimise your website with the use of analytical tools. If you are running your website as an online business its vital to know where you factor in terms of rankings as visitors to your site equates as potential income, if your site isn’t organised as well as it should be this may push you down in search rankings and allow another website to take away your potential visitors! Its worth mentioning that GSC is free to use so its certainly worth getting to grips with…….

I have intentionally kept this article quite short and it skims over many of the applications of GSC, its definitely worth looking into more in your own time and finding out about the many applications within it…..if you would like more information from us around this topic please get in touch with us by launching a service ticket (open a ticket ) with our hosting department, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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