5 magical ways in which Back Links can help your website flourish.

When it comes to SEO there is no better tool than back links, but how do they help tour site. Everyone is familiar with the statements “it takes two to tango” or “if you scratch my back ill scratch yours”. Both sayings point to the benefits of more than one person working towards a task and also to the benefit of working together to help each other to achieve a goal within the same action…..

A back link is an extremely important ally when thinking about improving a website’s ‘kudos’ online. A back link can be explained as a link that connects from one website to another, the more there are of these links pointing back to your site the more confidence a search engine will have in recommending your site. To gain back links it is important to spend some time researching the websites of other professionals within the field of your business. Connecting with people who share a similar message to your own can help to establish better visibility on google. If you work to build up great content on your website, other professionals within the field will be naturally drawn to your site and will think nothing of connecting to you (if someone sees a good thing everybody wants it!). Another way to visualise the benefits of a back link would be to think of a new bar or restaurant that has recently opened up. Everyone wants to go there and check it out, friends are talking about it, as are friends of theirs,  its the best place to go. Everyone goes to the restaurant to see what the fuss is about….. and it turns out the food isn’t actually that great, or the decor. This is irrelevant as everyone has already come to visit at least once and has spent money… so it’s a win for the restaurant!  

Always consider your content when building your own website and try to encourage as many opportunities to back link as possible. Once you have established these links watch the number of visits to your site steadily increase (With quality, regularly updated content, these visitors are likely to return).

Its worth mentioning that posting a link from Facebook doesn’t count as a back link and will not be recognised by a search engine. Also having multiple links from the same site to another will only count as one back link, to gain more back links it is essential to link with different websites. The quality of the link is also considered i.e if a highly respected site links to your site it will have an extremely positive effect on your rank within an internet search engine.

Here’s 5 ways in which back links can help your website: – 

  1.  Improves your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  2.  If a visitor comes across a site that back links to yours they may follow the link and come and see what you do – you may gain another supporter in the long run!
  3.  Increases the number of times that a search engine will crawl your site 
  4.  As a way of improving the profile of your website
  5.  If done correctly, not only will you gain a back link, you will make a new contact (building new relationships)

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