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In the world of the world wide web, it is extremely important to protect our information. We need to ensure that our content is shared with the people who we wish to share with…..and nobody else! 


SSL (Secure Socket Layer), provides an encrypted connection between the server and the computer, that is being used to connect to the server. This prevents a point of access being exploited by a potential security threat. Modern large scale internet browsers – an example being Google Chrome – will now warn potential visitors, if they are visiting a site that does not have SSL protection incorporated into it. This casts doubt over the potential authenticity of the site and also raises concerns over the security of the site. As a web user, we should be diligent in avoiding potential security threats, hence, it is highly likely that we would then choose to avoid the ‘SSL-less’ site entirely! Due to the widespread use of SSL encryption, it is available to purchase from most web host providers…….yes it is available to ‘purchase’. SSL is provided as an add on, that the client usually has to pay for alongside any web hosting services purchased. Here at Peters Web, we try to do things right. For this reason, we include as many security buffers as possible for our customers who have purchased our web hosting and domain services. We provide  ‘Let’s Encrypt’ SSL protection for free with all packages. That’s not all, we scan each account daily at Peters Web and automatically issue an SSL certificate to an account, should it be without one. Our system also keeps an eye on occurrences, when an automatically generated certificate expires. In this case our system generates a new certificate, before the old certificate expires.

If we come across a domain that you already own that has SSL protection present, we will assume that you are using your own certificates, so will not issue an SSL certificate on your behalf. Should you wish for us to assume control of your SSL certificates, please get in touch and inform us of this.

We have uploaded a Knowledgebase article to aid you in setting up your own SSL certificates (see ‘Setting up SSL certificate KB article). If you should encounter any difficulties, please open a support ticket with our web hosting support service and we will help you out as soon as possible.

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